How To End A Conversation Gracefully

business woman exiting a conversation gracefully

Have you ever found yourself in a conversation and you’re not quite sure how to end the conversation gracefully?

Maybe you attended a networking meeting recently, and although you enjoyed the conversation, you knew it was time to move on, yet stayed because you didn’t know how to bring it to a close.

This week, as the Savvy Selling 2.0 Community discussed networking, I shared strategies to be more effective. One of the topics was how to end a conversation gracefully. At the end of the training, one of my all-time favorite VIP clients pointed out I missed sharing the strategy I taught her a while back that she’s been using. And, it was like a hand to the forehead moment because it’s the one I use most often as well.

You may find once I share this with you; you’re already doing it, perfect. You might find value in understanding why to do it, so you're more strategic in your conversations. For those who are still struggling with ending conversations, you’ll find it’s not only a way to end a conversation gracefully, it also raises your status in the room.

Your Savvy Sales Tip this week: How To End A Conversation Gracefully

How to end a conversation gracefully is to introduce the person you’re speaking with to someone else. The advantage of making an introduction is you leave the conversation on good terms, you’ve connected two people together, and this builds credibility for you in the minds of the people you’ve connected.

Once the two parties start their conversation, you can excuse yourself. It’s simple and effective. Now you can move on and connect with someone else in the room.

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