She Thinks Big Podcast

Feat. Nikki Raush, Sales Maven

Geraldine Carter of She Thinks Big Podcast and Nikki Rausch, Sales Maven discuss how to leverage your network to attract your ideal clients

How To Leverage Your Network To Create More Clients

Are you doing what you need to do to leverage your network? When's the last time you asked for a connection/introduction from someone in your network? Keep reading to find out how to leverage your network to create more clients!

Geraldine Carter of She Thinks Big Podcast and I discuss this topic on her podcast. We also dig into how to approach networking so you are business building instead of having superficial conversations. As a result, you will build relationships with potential clients that will want to have conversations with you.

Please give it a listen and reach out with comments and questions.

Then, as an added bonus, here's a great complimentary episode with the brilliant April Ethridge-Caldwell from the Professionals Obnoxious Podcast. In this podcast we discuss how to make a positive first impression. This is a crucial step in networking successfully.

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As always, wishing you continued success in all your business-building activities.

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