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stop using sales funnels - Sales Maven Tip

Have you ever heard of the sales funnel?

The concept of filling a sales funnel is something many sales professionals have had hammered into us by our bosses for years. They love to tell people, “You’ve got to fill your sales funnel.” However, the concept—and what it takes to fill a sales funnel—is more about marketing your offer and bringing leads in the door. The sales funnel doesn’t represent the actual sales process because the funnel gets people to tumble down toward your offer. It doesn’t sell them on it.

Although filling a sales funnel is important, it doesn’t represent what steps to take in order to earn someone's business.

When you’re talking about authentic relationship selling, the best visual is a staircase. Think of it this way: once you have a lead interested in your business, your funnel disappears. At that point, many people find themselves standing there asking, “So they’re here and interested . . . now what?”

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Sales Funnel: No Funnel Here continued…

It’s your job to earn a client’s business and move them through the steps toward the sale. If you don’t know where you are on the staircase, you’re going to miss a step. When a step is missed, your clients will stay where they are and never move. You’re going to lose sales!

I want more for you.

That’s why I wrote the book, The Selling Staircase: Mastering The Art Of Relationship Selling. This book launches today on Amazon and where books are sold. It can be ordered as an ebook, paperback, and soon as an audiobook.

This book is for people who want to boost their selling skills and bring more revenue into their business. Sales doesn't have to be scary, icky or even hard. Once you understand how to move a prospect through the sales process, it gets so much easier.

It Takes A Village

Writing and publishing a book is rarely a solo venture. This book was no different. There were a lot of people involved that got it across the finish line.

Please indulge me as I take a minute to thank the people who made this possible.

First, to Katie Cross Ghostwriting, thank you for taking a rough first draft and turning it into something I'm proud to put out to my readers. Katie, Stephan, Joe, Jenny & the rest of the team, you were incredible to work with and I can't say enough good things about this experience. I'm honored to be one of your clients.

Next, Melina Palmer, your friendship means the world to me. Without the work we did on the initial concept, this book would still be just an idea. I'm so grateful to you. And, I'll be the first in line to buy your book when it hits the market. You're doing amazing work in the world.

Then, Melissa Spindler, you've been exceptional as the head of the book launch team. Thank you for saying yes to taking on this task. Your enthusiasm, brilliant ideas, and overall joyful personality have made this experience better than I could have ever thought possible. I'm so lucky to you have you on my team.

Sales Funnel: No Funnel Here continued…

Kathy Bliss, my OBM, you continue to make all the pieces fit together. It's such a source of comfort to know you're always one step ahead of me and taking care of so many things I rarely even am aware of until after they're done. You're a shining star and I'm beyond grateful to have you in my corner.

The Book Launch VIP team, thank you for volunteering your time to read the book and write a review. Many of you have gone above and beyond to share about the book and encourage others to check it out. I'm incredibly humbled by your efforts and so thankful to each of you.

I'm crossing my fingers that I got everyone's name mentioned: Kelly F, Brenda R, Geraldine C, Melina P, Lindsey J, Laura B, Casey G, Jennifer M, Julie F, Tracey W, Sara K, Niki R, Laurie N, Amber H, Mary F, Maelisa M-H, Patti Z-J, Carol C, Joie G, Paula D, Kristin H, Jodi F, Maureen K, Annette A, Kim T, Anna O, Christy K, Abby H, Ingrid P, Angie T, Louise B, Stacey S, Tracy C, Debbie R, Antonia B-B, Tara N, Jessica B, Stella W, Sophie S, PJ H, Lynn R, Melina S, Gabriela M, Peggy M, Teresa S, Rocio B, Danelle G, Stephanie O, Cori M, Shawn H, Judi B, Kirsten P, Susan Z, Carrie B, Melissa B, Sara F-H, Lisa H, Stephanie M-R, Allison D, Kathy N-M, Amy D, Heather C.

Thank you!

It was a big unknown of what it would be like to have a book launch team and it's been an incredibly fun experience. There's still so much more to come and I'm excited to support each one of you in any way I can.

Natalie Eckdahl of BizChix, thank you for writing the endorsement for the front cover of the book. Your support and encouragement these last few years have been invaluable. You continue to set the standard of what it means to be the CEO of your own business and a woman of integrity.

Natalie's endorsement:

“The Book on sales that every entrepreneur should read.”
— Natalie Eckdahl. CEO of BizChix, Inc.

Then, Shane Sams of Flipped Lifestyle, thank you for saying yes to writing the endorsement for the back cover of my book. I still can't believe you said yes, you made my year with your response. You've been my guiding light this last year in growing my business. You and Jocelyn have been such an inspiration. Your #truthbombs have stuck with me and it's your voice that often shows up in my head (and in Voxer) when making decisions about what to do next.

Shane's endorsement:

“The Selling staircase model is brilliant an easy to implement in any business. Nobody explains the sales process more enthusiastically, intelligently, and clearly as Nikki Rausch. If you want more sales fast, I highly recommend you read her new book right away.”

— Shane Sams. Host of The Flipped Lifestyle Podcast

My clients and my loyal readers – thank you for continuing to read the weekly articles, share them and quote them back to me. I'm always beyond thrilled when someone reaches out with their own take or thoughts on what I write. It is your messages that keep me writing every Saturday.

Please consider checking out the new book and leaving a review. Your review may be the thing that helps one more person find clarify in the selling process.

Wishing you continued success in all your doing.

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