Rapport Building With Clients: Get In-Sync

rapport building with clients

A simple way to build rapport with prospective clients and deepen your rapport with existing clients is to learn how to get in sync.

When it takes less energy (when you are in-sync), your client’s ability to pay attention, converse and ask questions increases. Rapport building with clients is a big part of sales and is huge for maintaining the relationship. 

Rapport Building With Clients And Getting In Sync:

  • increases your likability
  • builds trust
  • establishes your credibility
  • makes it easier for clients to say “YES”

Here is a quick tip for getting in-sync while rapport building with clients:rapport building with clients

Notice your client’s rate of speech. Is it significantly faster or slower than your normal rate of speech? Be willing to either speed up or slow down depending on the client. This will put them at ease.

Adding flexibility to your own behavior to be in-sync with your client is a quick and easy way to build and maintain rapport.


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