Wingnut Social Podcast

Feat. Nikki Raush, Sales Maven

Stellar Sales Techniques podcast with guest Nikki Raush, Sales Maven

Creating an authentic & effective selling process.

Does your internal critic ever hold you back from asking for the sale? Have you ever struggled with how to respond when someone has sticker shock to your prices? Do you ever struggle with getting the follow-up call scheduled? Needing help with sales techniques?

All of these are addressed in this episode of Wingnut Social Podcast with Hosts Darla Powell and Natalie Grafe. This episode was a lot of fun to record. There were plenty of laughs and some good ah-ha moments as well. Even though this podcast is geared towards designers, the tips and techniques shared can be applied to all face to face sales conversations.

What You’ll Hear On This Episode of Wingnut Social

[3:00] Sales techniques with Nikki Rausch

[5:40] Nikki’s background in sales

[7:50] What is the biggest struggle?

[10:15] Be conversational and invitational

[15:55] Offering a solution to someone’s problem

[18:00] How to mitigate sticker shock

[26:10] How sales have changed

[29:15] Is email enough of a follow-up?

[32:30] What up Wingnut Round

[35:10] How to connect with Nikki


Please consider giving it a listen and leaving a review for the podcast. These podcasters work hard to put out amazing content. Bonus points for anyone who knows ahead of time my answer to what hashtag I'd like to have on my tombstone during the Wingnut Round.

I hope you practice these stellar sales techniques and build the business of your dreams. Wishing you continued success in all of your sales conversations.

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