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Feat. Nikki Rausch, Sales Maven

She's making an impact podcast host, Rachel Ngom interviews Nikki Rausch on how to sell with confidence.

Successfully selling with confidence.

One of the number one results clients report after working together is that they are able to sell with confidence. Think about how you feel when you are confident in what you're doing. That feeling of satisfaction in knowing what you know and being able to show up from a place of expertise. There are so many areas in our lives where many of us struggle with doubt.  Selling shouldn't be one of them. After today,  you will be well on your way to selling with confidence!

This week, there are two very different podcast episodes to gleam sales strategies and tips to ensure you're selling with confidence.

First up is an interview with Rachel Ngom, host of She's Making An Impact Podcast. We have a candid discussion about sales and the steps needed to do it well. In this episode, I also share how to use an embedded command in your language. This is one tip you'll be able to apply to most of your conversations with clients and the important people in your life.


Give it a listen here: How To Sell With Confidence

selling with confidence


Next up is an interview with Dana Kaye, host of the Branding Outside The Box Podcast. In this episode, Dana and I talk about my strategy for deciding on which speaking gigs I say yes to and which ones are a no. If you're using speaking as a way to attract your ideal clients, there are some great tips here for you.

Give it a listen here: Successful Selling With Nikki Rausch

selling with confidence


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