The Best Accountability Partner

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Do you have an accountability partner?

Someone you regularly check in with, share your wins, talk about what’s next in your business and strategize how best to get there?

For those of you who have a great accountability partner, you understand the value and also the commitment it takes to meet with this person every day/week/month.

I’ve been blessed since I started my business in that I surrounded myself with an accountability partner, a coach, and have hired people to do things I’m not good at, and it’s working.

However, when push comes to shove, if all of these important people fell away tomorrow I would still be working on my business.

The Best Accountability Partner Continued…

I’ve found that the most important person to be accountable to is me. This is my business, and it will sink or swim based on my efforts.

How about for you? Are you holding yourself accountable?

And if you’re not holding yourself accountable, who will?

You can hire the best coach or work with a superstar accountability partner, but if you’re not doing the work, there’s only one person responsible for your lack of effort – you.

Your Savvy Sales Tip this week: Accountability Partner

The best accountability partner you’ll ever have is you. Start holding your feet to the fire. When you say you’re going to do something, get it done. Put in extra hours if needed each week and start practicing what it means to be accountable.

One sure-fire way to know you lack in accountability is if you’re telling people the same story week after week and month after month when asked how things are going in your business. If you’re in the same position you were in 6 months ago, something is not working, and it’s likely you.

A hard lesson I learned working as a sales professional for large corporations was, it doesn’t matter what you sold last month, it doesn’t matter what you’ll sell next month, it only matters what you’re selling this month. And in a professional sales position, it doesn’t matter how nice you are or how good intentions are, if you’re not selling, you’re replaced.

One of my bosses regularly said, “What have you done for me lately.”  This was his way of letting me know I needed always to be working my territory and growing my sales.

So as your own best accountability partner, ask yourself, “What have you done to grow your business today, this week, this month?”

Wishing you continued success this week.

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