Techniques In Sales: Are You Overlooking The Gaze?

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When's the last time you had an epiphany? Maybe you'd been overlooking something staring you right in the face. Were you pleasantly surprised at your new realization? And did you immediately implement your new awareness of this? Techniques in sales are all over the place. Once you are able to hone in and use them correctly you will master the art of sales. This week's sales tip is about an often overlooked sales technique.

Check out this week's sales tip, and you may just have a little epiphany. My guess is, many people are not using this technique in sales to its full advantage.

Sales Tip- Techniques In Sales: The Gaze

There is a myriad of ways to use this technique in sales. Here's one that came up in a training I did recently. A woman approached me wanting to know how to handle what was an uncomfortable situation between herself and an important client. She made it clear up front that she didn't want to address this with the client. Instead, she wanted a much more subtle technique to draw this client's attention elsewhere.

This particular client focuses his eyes on her chest while in a conversation with her. (Now before you send me outraged responses, please keep in mind, her goal was to direct his attention without having to have a conversation with him – this was her choice). After spending 17+ years in a male-dominated industry, I can relate to her situation having experienced this myself a few times.

Techniques In Sales Continued…

My advice to her was this 4 step approach:

  1. While maintaining the conversation, look down at her chest
  2. Next, bring her hand, palm facing up to her chest
  3. Direct her gaze to her palm
  4. Slowly raise her hand while looking at it to just below her neck and then continue to raise her eyes up to his eyes

The result will likely be that his gaze follows not only her hand but her gaze as well. It's important to be subtle. She must stay composed as well as continue the conversation. She's to maintain eye contact once his gaze comes up to her eyes.

This is a technique I've used and been fairly successful with over the years.

Play this week with using your gaze to direct people's attention. It's a subtle, yet powerful technique and you're likely to find a whole lot of opportunities to use it.

Wishing you continued success this week.

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