Attracting Clients vs. Capturing – You Better Know The Difference

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Do you know the difference between attracting clients vs. capturing clients?

As long as you have a new client, does it even matter how they were acquired? For some people, a new client is a new client and they don't really care how it came to be. Let's break down the difference between attracting clients vs. capturing clients and why it matters.

An attracted client is someone who's curious about your brand/product/service. You've done or said something to draw them in. They are actively wanting more from you. An attracted client is usually someone you've built some rapport/relationship with, you've created the know, like, and trust factor.

A captured client is someone you've acquired. The acquisition may be a result of buying someone's client list, your company giving you someone else's territory/accounts, or you've received their business by default (meaning, there's no other choice available to them – kinda like the DMV).

Why Knowing The Difference Matters

The reason you better know the difference is that one of these types of clients is a high-risk client to your long-term business success. They're higher risk because they'll likely take their business elsewhere given the chance. These are your captured clients. Captured clients rarely feel valued by you. They can easily be taken away by your competitors. Not so surprisingly, your competitors are acquiring them by attracting them.

In order to keep your “captured clients” your first step should always be to put an attraction plan in place. Until you've built a relationship with these clients, you run the risk of losing their business the next time they're ready to purchase. This is why you should be following up and offering to be a resource to any captured clients. Be sure you're offering them something of value, not just introducing yourself and asking for their next sale.

A Less Subtle Version Of A Captured Client

A less subtle version of someone who may feel like a “captured client” is the person who accepts a friend request through Facebook or connection request on LinkedIn and then immediately starts receiving messages to buy from this new connection. Just because someone accepts your friend/connection request doesn't give you permission to start selling to them. Sending them messages asking them to buy from you, like your page, and/or attend your events is treating people like captured clients and it's such a rapport breaker.

It may take more effort and take longer, however, when someone accepts your friend/connection request, it's now time for you to go into attraction mode. There are many, many ways to attract clients. For anyone who isn't sure how to attract clients, it's time to invest in learning relationship selling skills. These skills will be one of the best investments you'll ever make in your business. You're invited to schedule a time to chat about best next steps for you to get the skills you need to take your client attraction to the next level: Client Attraction Discussion

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