Closing Sales Five Steps At A Time

With Host Nikki Rausch, Sales Maven Society

Sales Maven Podcast - Closing Sales Five Steps at a Time

Do you need help closing more sales?

Listen as your host Nikki Rausch shares her tips, strategies, and techniques for closing sales and much more on this episode of the Sales Maven. Nikki is a sales strategist and coach with over twenty-five years of sales experience and is master certified in neuro-linguistic programming. She is here to offer you sales techniques and strategies to help you master the sales conversation.

Nikki speaks about the need to have a process or structure that enables you to move a person from the introduction to a place where dollars or services will be exchanged. She also explains what neuro-linguistic programming is and how it combined with her sales background allows her to teach people how to have more flexibility in their conversations to put their prospects at ease and make the sales conversation more seamless.

Nikki's selling staircase for closing sales…

Do you know what a buying signal is? Listen, as Nikki shares her selling staircase, a five-step process to closing more sales. She explains why you need each step, how each step can bring you more sales, and which ones you are skipping if you can’t seem to get new clients. Nikki believes that the more proficient you get at moving people through the staircase, the more revenue you will generate, therefore growing your business.

If you are stuck and don’t understand what is wrong or how you can increase your sales, this is the episode for you. Nikki gives you the steps; all you have to do is follow them. A piece of advice that she always gives her society members and clients is to go out and focus on revenue-generating activities first. By hitting play and listening to this episode can put a check-mark on your first activity to help you focus on getting more revenue.

In This Episode

[00:43] Welcome, everyone!

[00:59] Nikki is speaking about the importance of closing sales.

[01:33] Then, she shares her background and sales experience.

[03:27] Next, Nikki speaks about having a process or structure to what you are doing to move someone to the place where you exchange dollars and services.

[04:49] Have you ever heard of neuro-linguistic programming?

[07:04] Nikki explains what she calls the selling staircase, a five-step process.

Steps of closing sales…

[08:25] The introduction is step 1, making a compelling introduction.

[09:20] Then, step 2 is creating curiosity, the way you answer questions, or plant seeds.

[11:25] Do you know what a buying signal is? Verbal or non-verbal?

[12:33] The discovery phase is step 3, the want, problem, or need.

[13:47] Then, step 4 is the proposal, a clear way to outline what you are offering as a solution.

[15:29] Lastly, the close is step 5, give or issue closing language.

[16:40] Nikki explains that to close more sales, you need to follow the staircase step by step.

[18:10] Issuing invitations is the way you move people from step to step.

[20:02] Are you issuing invitations and moving people from step to step?

[21:04] Then, Nikki says as you get more proficient in moving clients from step to step, you will get more clients.

[22:49] What level are you skipping?

[23:03] The three most common ways Nikki works with clients: private coaching, team training, and her membership option, the Sales Maven Society.

[23:48] Nikki’s last piece of advice is to go out and focus on revenue-generating activities first. 

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