Not interested. Or could it be something else?

not interested

Have you ever had a client who’s expressed interest in your product/service, and then they drop off the face of the earth, never to be heard from again as if they're not interested?

Do you assume they’re not interested? How many times do you follow up before you make the decision to move on?

Recently a client expressed some frustration over a situation where a prospective customer scheduled a phone appointment and then didn’t answer at the scheduled time. My client left a voicemail and sent a follow-up email checking in about rescheduling the appointment. Days later she hadn’t heard anything back from the customer.

After digging a little deeper into the communication between my client and her prospective customer, it was apparent the interest level was high initially. She wasn’t sure why her prospective customer had lost interest and wasn’t sure what to do next. Should she continue calling and emailing or walk away from the opportunity?

My recommendation to her, “Don’t assume your customer has lost interest. We don’t have enough information yet to determine what’s happened. Let’s approach her from a place of authentic concern to ensure she’s ok and see if there’s anything she needs.”

With that in mind, I outlined specific language for her to use on her next follow-up call to the prospective customer.

After listening to the follow-up message, the prospective customer called right back to say she was dealing with a family tragedy and she was still interested in working together. One week later she became a paying customer. follow up with clients don't just assume they are not interested

Your Savvy Sales Tip this week: Follow up with clients when they miss appointments with genuine concern for their well-being. Check in to make sure they are ok.

Here’s a possible way to phrase a follow-up call in this scenario:

“Hello Sally, this is Nikki Rausch from Sales Maven. I wanted to check in and make sure you are ok. I’m concerned as you missed our scheduled appointment and I haven’t heard from you. Is there anything you need?  Please let me know all is well with you. We can easily reschedule your appointment. You can reach me at 360-509-6399. Take care Sally; I’m sending good thoughts your way.”

If you received a voice mail like this, would you be inclined to return the call to put the person’s mind at ease?  Especially if something did actually go wrong, wouldn’t it be nice to know someone noticed and was willing to check in with you?

The most successful salespeople I know, care about their clients.  The relationship should come first before the sale.




As always, your feedback, questions, and comments are welcome.

Wishing you well this week.

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