The #1 Mistake When Talking Prices

talking prices

Talking prices is one of the more common struggles my clients face.

Talking prices can be uncomfortable, especially when clients ask for a discount. Learning not only what to say but how to say it is crucial to your success.

In the Savvy Selling tele class I teach simple techniques on this topic and many participants report success as a result of implementing what they learn.

A few days ago, I had the pleasure of catching up with my long time sales mentor, Russ Short. Anyone who’s ever taken Savvy Selling or worked with me privately has heard me mention Russ as I teach some of his simple, yet powerful techniques.

On our phone conversation, he mentioned he recently taught a 10 minutes sales training to a large group of sales professionals. One of the techniques he taught is so basic & brilliant that I asked for his permission to share it with you today.

The technique is for when you are talking prices with a client and is your Savvy Sales Tip for the week.

When talking about price, the only word you should put in front of the word price is THE. Many sales people use qualifiers when talking price. Qualifiers open the door for clients to try to negotiate with you on price. Here’s a list of a few qualifiers I’ve used myself and heard used over the years when talking about price:

Qualifiers to avoid when talking pricing:

  • Your Price
  • List Price
  • My Price
  • Regular Price
  • Wholesale Price
  • Retail Price
  • Column Price
  • Discounted Price
  • Standard Price
  • Best Price
  • Reduced Price

Which one(s) are you using in your business? When you use qualifiers you’re implying there is more than one price. This opens the door for clients to want to negotiate pricing.

Try saying, “The price is…” The is the key word and doesn’t create doubt or imply wiggle room in the price.

What additional qualifiers come to mind for you? As always, I’m happy to hear from you, please share your thoughts on this topic.

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