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Feat. Nikki Rausch, Sales Maven

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Talking about “sales” can be uncomfortable for a lot of us.

Nikki Rausch shares her selling expertise and gives some insight into what guesting on over 50+ podcasts has done for her business on this episode of The Proffitt Podcast. Learn about tips and strategies to help you with the sales process, how to set yourself up for success when guesting on podcasts, and the good, the bad, and the ugly of being a podcast guest.

Nikki has been a guest on many podcasts around the world and it's an honor for her to be able to share her sales knowledge with others. She loves talking about sales strategy & business practices to build rapport and take the sleaze out of sales.  

Today Nikki joins, Kristal Proffitt on The Proffitt Podcast and they discuss how talking about sales can be uncomfortable and how Nikki sets herself up for success on her guesting shows. 

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