Silver VIP Coaching

VIP level program for business owners looking for sales support


The Silver Coaching Experience is a one-day VIP level program.

Need the impact that a VIP day with Nikki will have on your business without the ongoing coaching? You are looking for sales support, have specific questions about your selling process, and know you need Nikki’s eyes on your business but want to focus one day on these skills rather than including future coaching calls.

A Silver VIP Day is ideal for entrepreneurs who need to reset their sales mindset, have specific sales issues to tackle with Nikki, or need solutions to current business challenges. It includes the same high-touch VIP Day as the Platinum and Gold versions of Nikki’s coaching, without ongoing coaching, accountability, or support.


Hannah Pelley

I received 2-3 times the value I was expecting and would recommend this to anyone that is new to sales or seasoned. Her services are by far the most valuable I have ever received. You’ll immediately have simple actions you can take that will positively impact your business.

Hannah Pelley, Solutions for Impact LLC
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We’ll spend five hours diving deep into your business and reenergizing your sales process.  We'll shift your mindset behind the way you sell, hone your sales skills, and prepare a customized plan for your sales success so you know exactly what to say and when to say it to close more sales in your business.

During our VIP day together, we’ll:

  • Craft a 30-second elevator pitch that will build credibility and create value
  • Develop your very own “Here kitty, kitty” statements – a powerful technique that opens the door to profitable discussions
  • Discuss pricing structures and pricing presentation
  • Create responses to commonly raised client questions and objections
  • Set goals, develop tracking metrics, and create accountability
  • And more, customized to your goals and needs
Nikki working on VIP coaching in front of a flip board

You are my complete focus during your VIP day, and it would be an honor to support you in this way.

Ready to ramp up your selling skills and make waves in your revenue?


Lara Currie

Hands down the best coach I have ever had. In the past 5 years, I have had four coaches. With just one VIP package I have accomplished more in one first quarter of the year than I had in the last 5 years. From infrastructure, to lead generation, to focus and even self assuredness, The leaps forward I have made are all a result of the work we have done together. Thank you, Nikki - you are the best!

Lara Currie, Coach, Podcaster, High-Conflict Communication Specialist


6-Month VIP Program

  • One in-person, five-hour VIP day
  • Nine private Zoom sessions
  • 120 days of unlimited email and Voxer access
  • Six months of enrollment in Sales Maven Society



60-Day VIP Program

  • One in-person, five-hour VIP day
  • Three private Zoom sessions
  • 60 days of unlimited email and Voxer access
  • Three months of enrollment in Sales Maven Society




  • One in-person, five-hour VIP day