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What To Say, When, & Why You’ll Actually Love It

Do you ever find yourself not knowing what to say in sales? Did you design your business to support the life you want or does your life support your business? How about this, do you work to live or do you live to work? Whatever your answers are to these questions, are you satisfied?

I had the great pleasure to talk sales with the amazing, April Beach of Sweetlife Company and podcast host of Sweetlife Entrepreneur Podcast. April is the creator of the Lifestyle Entrepreneur System™ and has carved her niche as the go-to business strategist for entrepreneurs who believe in purpose before profit, business modeling around family, and making money to give it away. She is all about designing the life you want.

In our podcast interview, we review the 5 Steps of my signature process, The Selling Staircase. We talk about what to say when you get on a sales call as well as whether or not you should coach on those calls. Of course, we talk about what to say, when to say it and why you'll actually love it. Give it a listen as you're sure to learn something useful to serve you in your business:

Listen Now to hear more about what to say.

Episode 142: 5 Steps of The Selling Staircase: What To Say, When To Say It, and Why You’ll Actually Love It – with Nikki Rausch

what to say

Before we got into the sales conversation, I got personal with April and shared something going on in my life. And, it is only because I've designed a business that allows me to live the life I want that I was able to do something unique for some important people in my life.

Celebrating Six Years

This month, Sales Maven is celebrating six years in business. It's only been in the last year that I've finally embraced that I've built a business. Less than a year ago I was always talking about how I was “building a business.”  It was a huge ah-ha moment when I realized, I have a business, it's thriving and it's no longer in build mode, it's now in scale mode.

The deep gratitude I feel every day for being able to do this work is hard to put into words. I've had the honor of working with amazing clients, been coached by incredible mentors, and supported by a community of people who continue to inspire and push me to grow. Thank you for all you've done to make an impact in my business and in my life.


A Little More Personal

Since I got personal with April in this interview, may I get even more personal with you? There's been a lot to celebrate these last few months, the new book, The Selling Staircase is doing well. As mentioned, my company is celebrating six years in business. And, I got married last month. In an intimate ceremony, my guy of fifteen years and I exchanged beautiful vows written by my best friend /sister-in-law, who also performed our ceremony. It felt right to share this news now with my Sales Maven community and along with the interview on the Sweetlife Entrepreneur Podcast since life really has been sweet.

My deepest appreciation for taking the time to read this. Wishing you continued success in all areas of your life and business.

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