Protecting Your Sales Mindset

With Host Nikki Rausch, Sales Maven Society

Sales Maven Podcast-protecting your sales mindset

Do you think about who you allow to give you feedback?

In today’s show, your host Nikki Rausch will define what a sales mindset is and how to protect it, some things you should think about before allowing someone to give you feedback and much more on this episode of Sales Maven.

Nikki discusses the four things she believes everyone should think about before allowing someone to give you feedback, a rule that she has in her house, and a challenge for you around feedback. Nikki shares an example of a time when her idea of being clear of her boundaries was cemented in her mind.

How can  you hone in on your sales mindset?

Listen, as Nikki speaks about the red flag that should pop up when you hear someone say, “I just thought you should know,” a client with a great idea that was treated harshly on social media, and what she does when people send her snarky messages on her website. Remember, you have the option of unsubscribing or blocking anyone who tries to drag you down and mess with your sales mindset.

Nikki shares four statements that she says to herself before every call, training and even before she does this podcast; I’m glad I’m here, I’m glad you’re here, I know what I know, and I care about you. Wow! These are statements to live by and just think if we take a moment to repeat them to ourselves every day how prepared we would be for whatever comes our way.

As usual, Nikki feeds our sales souls and lets us know that she has been there, there probably isn’t a scenario she hasn’t faced in her years of sales and aren’t we glad she takes the time each week to give us ways to move our businesses another step forward.

In This Episode:

[00:42] Welcome to the show!

[00:57] What is a sales mindset and do you know how to protect it?

[02:04] Nikki shares that being protective of her mindset has served her.

[03:01] Do you want to make a more significant impact in the world? Do you know who your ideal client is?

[03:52] Nikki discusses some things she recommends you should think about when deciding who you will allow to give you feedback.

[04:00] Nikki speaks about being in a place of resilience before she will enable someone to give her feedback.

[05:33] The second thing she thinks about is the person’s motive for providing feedback.

[06:27] A third thing is for you to decide after you hear it, whether you agree with it or not.

[08:59] Nikki chats about a rule that she has in her house.

[10:52] Nikki challenges you to think about your sales mindset and who you are letting in.

[11:29] Then, Nikki shares an example of a time that helped cement her idea of being clear of her boundaries and who is allowed to give her feedback.

[13:45] When someone says, “I just thought you should know,” it should be a red flag that someone is going to give you feedback.

[17:03] Nikki speaks about a client with an excellent idea for her business and how someone was harsh on social media to her.

[19:57] Then, Nikki shares about a client that unsubscribed from her website but then asked her to manually send her free stuff.

[23:28] Nikki believes that she has the most amazing and brilliant clients in her Sales Maven Society.

[24:49] Nikki shares four NLP statements that you can say to yourself around your mindset.

[27:00] Relationship first rapport, always!



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