Using Video In Sales As A Sales Tool

video in sales

Have you started using video in sales as a sales tool?

Maybe you're shooting Facebook Lives, uploading videos to YouTube, and/or putting on live webinars as a way for people to be exposed to you and your work. How ever you're using video to grow your business, congratulations. It can be uncomfortable and scary to put yourself out there in this way.

Keep in mind when using video in sales, you only have a few seconds for people to decide if they're going to hang out and watch.

It is crucial that you establish yourself as credible, trustworthy and likable right from the start. Are you putting the time and energy in before you go live to ensure you send the right message? Many people are missing the mark in these precious first few seconds and it's causing their credibility to plummet.

Things That Detract From Your Credibility

Since studies have shown how quickly people make a snap judgment about you, it's essential that you're ready as soon as the video goes live/starts recording. Here are a few common things you want to avoid doing:

  1. Smoothing out your hair – you knew you were going live, this is something you should have checked beforehand video in sales
  2. Making duck lips – this is what I call it when a person puckers up their lips. Check your appearance in a mirror BEFORE going live, not in the camera once you are live
  3. Looking at yourself while speaking – just like in a selfie, you should look into the camera lens, not at yourself. This causes a disconnect between you and the watcher because they can't clearly see your eyes. The majority of your time should be looking into the camera. You're shooting the video as a way to attract clients, make it about them, not about you
  4. Acting Confused – ok, maybe it's not an act, maybe you really are confused. However, the camera's on, do your best to maintain your composure even if things are not going as expected
  5. Making Disclaimers – saying things that diminish your expertise or credibility (these are statements like, “I don't really know what I'm going to say but here goes…”)

Show up and be your professional self. There should be no difference in how you act on camera than how you would act on a stage.

After going to all the trouble of shooting a video, be sure you have a clear path that outlines the next step a watcher should take to hire you. Too many people are missing this key step. If people don't have it laid out for them, they are not likely to make the effort to figure out how to pay you money. It's your job to make it easy. Don't assume that someone is going to be so blown away by the awesome content that you shared that they will seek you out to hire you. Most people will not make a decision to hire you until you invite them. Be sure you're making the ask at the end of the video.

It all counts. Remember, people want to hire experts. Being able to demonstrate your expertise starts with making a powerful first impression. I have recorded a 2 part podcast episode for the Sales Maven Show where I offer a few more tips on how to make a positive first impression. Using video in sales is a great place to start!


Tune in here:

Making A Positive First Impression In Sales Pt.1

Making A Positive First Impression Pt. 2


Wishing you continued success in all that you're doing.




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