Questions To Ask Yourself In The Decision Making Process

Today’s conversation is around how to have a strategy for making better business choices in the decision making process. Nikki is excited to bring you this episode of the Sales Maven podcast. When deciding about doing something or signing up for something, we often get told to think about things from the perspective of our…

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You’re Right & Now You’ve Lost A Client

“Do you like to be right?” Nikki is excited to bring you this episode of the Sales Maven podcast. She shares some stories, and some techniques for you to think about in your conversations when you think you’re right and want to say something. You may find some new ways to think about your communication…

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Ask Questions: How To Do It When You’re Being Talked At

How to ask questions when you're being talked at

Nikki’s guest for this On-Air Coaching Call is Brandy Searcy. Brandy is a Sales Maven Society member and the creator of the product line Rain Organica. Brandy needs Nikki’s support when she is in a situation where she is selling and purchasing. What amount of selling she should do versus asking questions to be sure…

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What To Say When Asked To Trade Services

what to say when asked to trade services

How do you feel about being asked to trade services? Nikki is really curious to find out who has traded services and how it worked out, especially if you have a strong opinion about it. What do you say when asked to trade services? The purpose of today’s episode is to give you some possible…

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Storytelling In Business: How To Get Started

storytelling in business

“In sales, storytelling is such a powerful technique.” and “Storytelling brings your content to life.” These are just two examples of why Nikki believes that storytelling is so important. Listen as Nikki shares how to use story in your business and how to use story to sell, plus much more on this Sales Maven Show…

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Conversion Email Sequences: Sales Success Story

conversation email sequences

It was such a blast discussing Cognomovement with mother-daughter dynamic duo Liz Larson and Leah Larson! Along with talking about conversion email sequences, they talk about their roles within the company and how the company came to be. Like how Liz implemented a sales program as a sales trainer in the car business and was…

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Good Girls Get Rich Podcast with Karen Yankovich

Good Girls Get Rich

Good Girls Get Rich- Episode #111: The Selling Staircase with Nikki Rausch In this episode: Nikki Rausch, CEO of Sales Maven, is a sales guru who has a passion for selling. Nikki has the unique ability to transform the misunderstood process of “selling” into techniques, tools, and tips that can be successfully incorporated into a…

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How To Compose Thoughtful Communication For Connection Requests

Sales Maven podcast - how to compost thoughtful communication for connection requests with Melina Palmer

Thoughtful Communication Today is the one-year anniversary of the Sales Maven Podcast, and Nikki is doing something special to thank you for listening. Her guest today is Melina Palmer of The Brainy Business podcast, Nikki’s go-to podcast. Melina is an amazing person, a brilliant business owner, and Nikki’s favorite podcaster of all time. Nikki and…

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How To Use Voxer As A Top Tier Add On: On-Air Coaching Call

Sales Maven Podcast - how to use Voxer as a premium offer for clients with Louise Brogan

Top Tier Add-Ons Do you know how to use LinkedIn? Are you using it correctly? Today, Nikki’s guest is Louise Brogan of The Social Bee from Belfast in Northern Ireland. Louise is a LinkedIn consultant and podcast host of LinkedIn with Louise, and her passion is teaching people how to use LinkedIn for business. Louise…

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Offering Discounts To Your Customers

Do you like offering discounts to your customers? “When it comes to discounts, there needs to be a balance of power.” Today we are talking discounts, those discounts you make to your existing clients, and the discounts you put out to your list. Discounts, some people love them, some people hate them, let’s see how…

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How To Gracefully Help Clients Get To The Point

When’s the last time you were working with a client and they were so caught up in telling you the story behind their question that you ran out of time? Nikki shares some tips and techniques on helping prospects and clients get to the point quickly and succinctly so that you can focus on the…

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How To Explain Your Business Pivot To Clients

Sales Maven Podcast - How to explains your business pivot to clients with Cori Myka

Nikki’s guest today is Cori Myka, a member of the Sales Maven Society and a former VIP client. Cori is the owner of the Orca Swim School, an online program that lays the foundation of learning and change for adult non-swimmers that starts before they get to the pool. Cori needs Nikki’s help to show…

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Value-Based Pricing: A Sales Success Story

Sales Maven podcast - value-based pricing with Lori Vella

Are you slowing down the process of helping your clients by not taking their money on the call? On this episode of the Sales Maven podcast, Nikki and her guest Lori Vella, a private VIP client, and Sales Maven Society member, discuss her value based pricing sales success story. Lori needed help with her processes,…

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Public Speaking and How to Monetize It: On-Air Coaching Call

Sales Maven Podcast - Public speaking and how to monetize it with Mary Beth Simon

Have you ever used Nikki’s “strive five” list at a conference? Today, Nikki’s guest is Mary Beth Simon, Founder of Niche Partnership Consulting and a Sales Maven Society Member. Mary Beth is asking Nikki for help to maximize her sales interactions with the attendees at a conference they have asked her to speak at. Public…

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Upselling Strategies: A Sales Success Story

Sales Maven Podcast - Upselling Strategies with Jamie Van Cuyk

Upselling Strategies: Do you recognize buying signals even if the person wasn’t intentionally giving you one? On this episode of Your Sales Maven podcast, Nikki and her guest Jamie Van Cuyk, Owner and Lead Strategist of Growing Your Team and longtime Sales Maven Society member, discuss Nikki’s input on an email that made it easy…

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LinkedIn Connections Best Practices For Selling

Sales Maven Podcast - Linkedin Connections best practices for selling

Do you go straight for the hard sell with your LinkedIn connections? Listen, as Nikki shares some tips on best practices for using LinkedIn, specifically around making connections and selling to people through your messages, plus much more on this episode of the Sales Maven Show.  “If you really want to have a conversation with…

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Selling The Complete Solution: On-Air Coaching Call

Sales Maven Podcast - Selling the complete solution with Amber Peterson

“People that are coming to you want you to be the expert; they want you to recommend what they need to get the results they want.” Today, Nikki’s guest is Amber Peterson, Founder and CEO of Pinwheel Strategic Marketing and a Sales Maven Society member. Amber needs Nikki’s support around selling her clients the whole…

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Launching Your Business: On-Air Coaching Call

Sales Maven podcast - Launching an Offer with Sam Holmes

“Even though you are relatively new in your business, you are not new; you come with twelve years of experience.” On this episode of the Sales Maven podcast, Nikki is working with Sam Holmes, a new Sales Maven Society member and the Founder of Empowered Insights. Sam asks Nikki for help with finding the easiest,…

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How To Get Away From Doing Customized Offers: On-Air Coaching Call

Sales maven podcast - how to get away from doing customized offers with Melanie Richards

Do customized offers take more of your time than you like? On this episode of the Sales Maven podcast, Nikki is working with Melanie Richards. Melanie runs a company called Modern Traction, a web agency that specializes in helping coaches, consultants, and thought leaders transform their brand and online presence. Melanie wants to offer more…

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High Income Business Writing Podcast

High Income Business Nikki Rausch with Sales Maven

Episode #243: How to Make Prospect Conversations Easier (and Land More Clients) with the “Selling Staircase” – High Income Business podcast Are you having issues with your discovery calls? Many writers do. Nikki Rausch guests on the High Income Business Writing podcast with Ed Gandia to help walk you through this process. She uses her…

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Entrepology Podcast with Meghan Walker

Nikki Rausch - Selling is something you do with someone

Episode #170: Selling is something you do WITH someone (not TO them) with Nikki Rausch Have you ever struggled with sales or ‘selling’ your products or services? Do you avoid it at all costs or think it’s sleazy? Listen as Nikki Rausch helps frame the narrative so that you don’t feel like you’re going against…

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The Brainy Business Podcast with Melina Palmer

The Brainy Business Nikki Raush on How to Make it Easy to do Business with You

Nikki has been a guest on many podcasts around the world and it’s an honor for her to be able to share her sales knowledge with others. She loves talking about sales strategy & business practices to build rapport and take the sleaze out of sales. Today she joins,  Melina Palmer on the Brainy Business…

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The Proffitt Podcast with Kristal Proffitt

The Proffitt Podcast

Talking about “sales” can be uncomfortable for a lot of us. Nikki Rausch shares her selling expertise and gives some insight into what guesting on over 50+ podcasts has done for her business. Learn about tips and strategies to help you with the sales process, how to set yourself up for success when guesting on…

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This Isn’t Just “Off The Cuff”

Do you admire people who can do things “off the cuff?” When someone makes something look easy, many of us assume the person is just naturally talented. We don’t often get a peek behind the curtain to know how much time and effort someone has put into honing their particular skill. I had the very…

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Branding Outside the Box Podcast

Successful selling with Nikki Rausch outside the box

Mastering Successful Selling with Nikki Rausch There is a right way to sell and a wrong way to sell. Today Nikki Rausch joins Dana Kaye on the podcast Branding Outside The Box. They discuss all things right and wrong with the selling process. If you have grown your social media, added lots of people to…

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Focus On This! 2020 Vision

focus on

When it comes to sales-related activities do you ever struggle with what to focus on? There are so many things to choose from, yet there is one thing to focus on that should always be the priority. My clients often ask for advice on what to prioritize when it comes to sales. One of the…

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The Biz Chix Podcast

The Biz Chix Podcast Closing the sale with Nikki Rausch

Nikki has been a guest on many podcasts around the world and it’s an honor for her to be able to share her sales knowledge with others. She loves talking about sales strategy & business practices to build rapport and take the sleaze out of sales. Today she joins, Natalie Eckdahl on The Biz Chix Podcast…

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Bombshell Business Podcast with Amber Hurdle

Bombshell Business Podcast

Episode 81: How To Sell Authentically With Nikki Rausch Nikki has been a guest on many podcasts around the world and it’s an honor for her to be able to share her sales knowledge with others. She loves talking about sales strategy & business practices to build rapport and take the sleaze out of sales.…

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Finding Courage To Ask In Sales

finding courage

When’s the last time you held yourself back from asking for what you wanted because fear got in the way? Were you able to push through it? Did you ever end up asking or did you give up on your own desires? Are you having trouble finding courage to ask? These last few months I’ve…

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Skeptics: How To Overcome Them

When you read or hear about a new program that is promising never before seen results like, “Make Six Figures in Six Weeks” or “Lose 50 lbs. in 5 days,” do you believe it? Many of us know when it sounds too good to be true, it’s too good to be true. The result of these…

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Complimentary Ticket To The Mom Show

complimentary ticket

Are you feeling stuck wondering what your next best business step is? Do you know how to stop feeling overwhelmed so you can get more done and have more time to spend with your family? … then here is something for you. A fellow entrepreneur, business coach and new mom, Olga Szwed, has put together…

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Difficult Happens Podcast: How To Build Rapport

build rapport

What You Need to Know to Build Rapport It’s important to understand how to build rapport as well as how to maintain it. So, are you coming across to others the way you think or is there something else happening? Learning about how other communication styles interpret meaning may be the difference between making the…

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The Heart Of Your Business

Sales is the heart of your business, sales feeds business, ROI,

Much like the heart’s job is to pump the life blood throughout your body, sales is what pumps revenue into every area of your business. If some part of you is saying to yourself right now, “I don’t sell anything in my business. I’m a counselor, a coach, a florist, a designer, an accountant, etc.”…

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Over Promise & Under Deliver

over promise

When’s the last time you committed to something for a client and because life got in the way, you ended up dropping the ball? Did it negatively impact your relationship with your client? Did you have to go back and apologize or did you just not bring it up the next time you interacted with…

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Phrases That Repel Clients

Client Retention, New Clients, Customer Acquisition, Savvy Selling

Do you ever get tired of people telling you what you “should” do or what you “must” try? It’s become a popular tactic on social media, and if you’re anything like me, it’s off-putting and repelling. I worked with a client recently who didn’t understand why people stopped interacting with her on Facebook. When we…

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Sales Calls: Set Yourself Up For Success

Sales Calls, Sales Maven

Have you ever received sales calls from people and they pretended you’ve met even though you knew you hadn’t? Or maybe they tell you something they knew about you in the sales calls, however, the information was wrong. At what point did you end the call? Probably pretty quick. Last week, I received a sales…

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Not interested. Or could it be something else?

not interested

Have you ever had a client who’s expressed interest in your product/service, and then they drop off the face of the earth, never to be heard from again as if they’re not interested? Do you assume they’re not interested? How many times do you follow up before you make the decision to move on? Recently…

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Delivering On Client’s Expectations

Client's Expectations

Recently, while having a discussion with a client, she mentioned her favorite color was red. As soon as she said “red,” I imagined fire engine red. Then she said, “Not candy apple red, blood red.”  If she had not clarified the shade of red, I would have gone on thinking my version of red was…

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You’ve Got The Look: It’s All In The Eyes


When’s the last time you heard, “The eyes are the window to the soul?” What would be your guess as to how many songs have been sung about the eyes?  Here’s just a few that come to mind:  “Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You”  – Franke Valle “I Only Have Eyes For You,” –…

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What’s The Value Of Doing Favors For Clients

doing favors for clients

How many times this month have you found yourself doing favors for a client? Doing favors could be making an exception to your normal policies/procedures, offering a discount, tailoring a program, or doing something extra for the client. Did you specifically let your client know they received a favor? Notice, the question is did you…

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