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Good Girl To Goddess Podcast

Good Girl To Goddess- Episode #16: Sales Skills For Biz Success In this episode: Why do women often have resistance to sales? What are the…

Good Girls Get Rich

Good Girls Get Rich Podcast with Karen Yankovich

Good Girls Get Rich- Episode #111: The Selling Staircase with Nikki Rausch In this episode: Nikki Rausch, CEO of Sales Maven, is a sales guru…

Nikki Rausch with Sales Maven

High Income Business Writing Podcast

Episode #243: How to Make Prospect Conversations Easier (and Land More Clients) with the “Selling Staircase Nikki Rausch with Sales Maven helps entrepreneurs sell in…

Nikki Rausch - Creating a Sales System

Your First Thousand Clients Podcast with Mitch Russo

Episode #211: Creating the Sales System That Has Helped Hundreds of Clients Sales Maven Nikki Rausch imparts some great sales strategies and advice that can…


Business of Design Podcast with Kimberly Seldon

Episode #186: Close the Sale with Nikki Rausch The sales process, whether you love it or hate it, isn’t about you. It’s about the client.…

Nikki Rausch - Selling is something you do with someone

Entrepology Podcast with Meghan Walker

Episode #170: Selling is something you do WITH someone (not TO them) with Nikki Rausch Have you ever struggled with sales or ‘selling’ your products…

Nikki Raush on How to Make it Easy to do Business with You

The Brainy Business Podcast with Melina Palmer

Episode #96: How to make it easy for clients to do business with you Nikki shares tips that are aligned with the principles of NLP…

The Proffitt Podcast

The Proffitt Podcast with Kristal Proffitt

Talking about “sales” can be uncomfortable for a lot of us. Nikki Rausch shares her selling expertise and gives some insight into what guesting on…


She’s Making An Impact Podcast

Successfully selling with confidence. One of the number one results clients report after working together is that they are able to sell with confidence. Think…